Clinique’s Jenna Menard Shares The Best Way To Do Your Brows

Julia DiNardo

There’s no denying that thick, full brows are a definite beauty trend for Fall 2012, but how do you master this look? We asked Jenna Menard, Clinique‘s Global Colour Artist, backstage at Karen Walker for the best tips when working with powder versus pencil for filling in the hairs and the shape. For the show, Menard created a beautiful, confident brow look, mainly using Brow Shaper in Shaping Taupe. In order to give the illusion of strong brows, use a powder that is slightly darker than your natural brow shade, filling in where you see spaces. She also used Clinique’s Brow Keeper, using the brush to groom powdered and/or penciled in brows.

Jenny’s tips:

Tip 1: “If you don’t really have brows or the hairs are sparse, use a pencil, and if you have more hairs but just need to fill in spots, use powder.”

Tip 2: “When working with powder, let it attach to the hair, and with the pencil, you are filling in, so let it take to the skin, opposed to the existing hairs.”

Tip 3: “Start at the lighter side, and by lighter, I mean by intensity, of filling in with pencil or powder, and then gradually working it up to the desired shade and fullness”

Tip 4: “If you need to do brows quickly and don’t have an applicator brush, grab a brush one that is small and stiff; a lipstick brush may work, but having one that is angled is best.”

Tip 5: “If you don’t have a brow grooming brush to finish off the look, a clean mascara wand will work!”