People Are Going Wild Over This ‘Blackhead Dissolver’ Serum That ‘Dramatically’ Changed Their Skin in 2 Weeks

Maya Gandara
People Are Going Wild Over This ‘Blackhead Dissolver’ Serum That ‘Dramatically’ Changed Their Skin in 2 Weeks

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Let’s be real: Blackheads, large pores and painful acne bumps are straight-up gross. And inconveniently, they’re also some of the hardest concerns to eliminate, often requiring intense extractions at the hands of a professional facialist. That’s why reviews chock full of praise for a certain “blackhead dissolver” recently caught my attention—I mean people are literally going wild over the results of this one under-the-radar product. So listen up folks, because you aren’t going to want to miss this one.

Hailing from the genius of CLEARSTEM Skincare, the CLEARITY Mandelic Acid Serum is “liquid gold,” a “wonder serum,” and a literal “gamechanger,” according to shoppers. Here’s why: It delicately unclogs pores, removes excess oil and sheds dead skin leaving behind brighter, smoother and more refined skin in minutes—yes, minutes. Per the brand, “after 10 minutes alone on your skin, you will see blackheads melt away.” 

Clearity Mandelic Acid Serum

ClearStem Skincare

Described by CLEARSTEM as the “holy grail of acids” for soothing acne, mandelic acid treats breakouts of all kinds while remaining gentler on the skin compared to that of harsher acids, such as glycolic or benzoyl peroxide. It also minimizes hyperpigmentation and smoothes out fine lines and wrinkles. The acne-fighting ingredient is joined by stabilized vitamin C for a surge of antioxidants, and turmeric for relieving inflammation and redness across the complexion. 

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In order to see these visible results, the brand advises letting the serum sit alone on bare skin for a minimum of 10 minutes to work its magic. As it states on the product page, “failure to leave it alone will neutralize it and you will not see the desired effect.” Simply apply a thin layer across areas of concern and let it be before following up with the next step in your regimen. 

Per shoppers, it works so well, you just might feel comfortable enough to skip foundation applications. “I used to have texture on my cheeks and forehead as well as blackheads on my nose,” wrote one. “This has been the only thing that has dramatically made a difference! My skin always feels so smooth now and I’ve worn less makeup or NO makeup even every day!”

Another shopper called it a “must-buy” in their review: “Seriously, this is the best product I have ever used,” they raved. “I use it with the Pregame Mask, and my skin has never been smoother. My pores are smaller and the blackheads I used to have on my nose and chin have cleared up almost completely. I have tried just about every popular product, and I will never use anything other than this again.”

“Obsessed is an understatement,” wrote another, saying “my skin was very sensitive to retinol and this product has been the perfect balance as an exfoliator and treatment. In just two weeks, my breakouts have gone way down and the texture of my skin has improved!! I won’t go a week without using the CLEARITY product.”

Well, we’re sold. Grab a bottle alongside us for $65 and witness literal skin magic before your eyes.

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