10 Awesome Tips for Clear Skin

Augusta Falletta
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Of all the things we want our skin to do, breaking out into acne is not one of them. With all the time we spend on our hair and makeup to look our best and test out new fun products, acne tends to ruin that a little bit, and no one wants that fun ruined. So, what better way to not deal with acne than to prevent it? Below are 10 awesome tips for how to prevent acne.

Change your pillowcase every week: Regardless of the position you sleep in, your pillowcase is going to collect dirt and oil from your face and hair during the night, especially if you toss and turn, and that will then be what you put your face on each night. Switch out your pillowcase every week to prevent sleeping in build up.

Hands off your face: The amount of bacteria on your hands at any given time is almost uncomfortable to think about (between the keyboards, elevator buttons, doorknobs, etc. that you touch), and touching your face just means you’re putting that bacteria on your skin. Should you need something to distract your hands, hold something you can move around (like a pen or stress ball) when your hands are free so that you won’t touch your face.

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Cut back on greasy foods: One of the major causes of acne is excess oil, so greasy foods are a huge no-no if  you’re trying to prevent pimples. Go for baked alternatives instead of anything fried, and if you can, cut out fast, fatty food altogether.

Use cleanser with salicylic acid: For ladies who know they’ve got acne-prone skin, salicylic acid cleanser is a lifesaver because it’s a main agent that fights and prevents acne. Use it twice a day all over your face, and remember to moisturize afterwards as acne-fighting cleansers tend to dry out your skin a bit.

Wash your face before and after the gym: When you’re going to exercise, even if you’re not wearing makeup, your skin already has bacteria and pollutants on it, which will only get into your pores and mix with perspiration while you’re working out. For that reason, you should wash your face before the gym. After the gym, remove sweat and dirt from your face immediately so there’s no chance of it getting into your pores, which can clog them and cause acne. The same goes for your body: The faster you can get out of sweaty clothes and shower after the gym to avoid body acne.

Lighten up on the makeup: On the days you can, skip the full face of foundation in favor of just using concealer in certain areas, so you won’t be potentially clogging up pores on your entire face.

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Wash your hands before you wash your face: No one thinks to do this, but think of how much sense it makes. If you use your hands to wash your face instead of a washcloth or muslin cloth, but you don’t clean your hands first, you’re putting all of that bacteria directly onto your skin and then rubbing it in. Do a quick wash of the hands before cleansing your face for best results.

Reduce your stress: Stress is a huge cause of acne breakouts, so by reducing your stress, you’ll reduce the skin issues. Whether you practice yoga, take up writing, or listen to calming music, finding a few ways to cut back on the stress in your life will dramatically help your skin.

Exercise at least twice a week: Besides also reducing stress, exercise helps to increase blood flow to the body, which means that more oxygen can get to your skin, therefore keeping it fresh and clean. You’ll work to flush out bacteria and toxins from your skin, which will prevent acne from happening.

Use a separate towel on your face: If you’re using one towel to dry your hands after washing them and dry your face after cleansing it, sadly, you may be putting excess bacteria from your hands onto your face, which can cause acne. Separate out the towel you use on your face (meaning a different towel than the one for your shower, your wet hair, and for washing your hands), and this will help to prevent any acne that may have been coming from that.