The Must-Have Treatment for Younger Looking Skin

The laser treatment people can't stop talking about.

The laser treatment people can’t stop talking about.

Truth be told, I love a laser. I have suffered with melasma for years, and I believe that lasers are truly the best way to go when it comes to erasing the messy brown pigmentation many women suffer from. The added bonus of lasers is that they also combat the signs of aging. Unfortunately, most lasers require a downtime of a week or more—a luxury many of us cannot afford. That is where the Clear + Brilliant laser comes in. I had the chance to visit Dr. Brooke Studley for a test run of this new laser and discuss the ins and outs of undergoing a treatment.

Who is the perfect candidate for Clear + Brilliant?
Dr. Studley: The perfect candidate(s) for Clear + Brilliant are women (and men) who want to treat their skin with minimal downtime but exceptional results. The Clear + Brilliant laser is perfect for patients who have already undergone a Fraxel procedure and want to maintain their results. Alternatively, the Clear + Brilliant laser is ideal for patients who want the results achieved by laser therapy (which is more powerful than facials or chemical peels), but aren’t ready for the downtime involved with the typical Fraxel laser. The Clear + Brilliant laser bridges the gap for those patients looking for noticeable results without undergoing any downtime.

How does it work?
The Clear + Brilliant laser works the same way as the Fraxel but at a lower power to minimize downtime. It penetrates into the dermis (the deep layer of skin) without damaging the epidermis (outer layer of skin) to stimulate your own body’s natural collagen production. Because it does not damage the top layer of skin and uses a lower power than the Fraxel, it is truly the best laser for getting results without any real downtime (patients are typically red for a couple hours after the treatment, but that dissipates in one day and can be covered with makeup if the patient needs to).

How often can you get one?
You can get a Clear + Brilliant performed on your face or body as often as every three to four weeks to maintain your results.

Does it hurt?
It is not painful, especially if you have a topical numbing cream applied to your face or body for approximately 30 minutes. After the procedure, your face or body may feel hot, like after too much time in the sun, but with five minutes of ice application and post-procedure creams, most patients are back to normal activities within minutes.

What products are best to use with it to keep skin looking great?
The laser was studied in conjunction with the Skinceuticals CE Ferulic Acid. The Clear + Brilliant allowed the CE Ferulic Acid to penetrate the skin more effectively and to decrease hyperpigmentation, uneven skin tone, and improve the skin’s overall texture. Using products with retinols can also maintain the results. Retinols are ideal for anti-aging and minimizing fine lines and wrinkles, and they work better on the skin after undergoing the Clear + Brilliant laser.

Is it an anti-aging must?
I would absolutely say that it is an anti-aging must! Using creams and lotions that have anti-aging properties work well alone, but they are tremendously more effective after undergoing the Clear + Brilliant laser. Patients who get Botox and/or fillers love their results, but they often mention that the texture of their skin is not optimal or their sun damage is bothersome. The Clear + Brilliant laser works to correct those problems to really complete the family of minimally invasive therapies currently available. Patients can come on their lunch break and leave looking and feeling refreshed, more youthful and with brighter skin without looking like they had anything done.

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