Cleansing Wipes Could Be Causing Acne, Spots, Wrinkles, and More

Augusta Falletta

woman using makeup remover wipe

Cleansing wipes are one of the most convenient products on the market. Easy for travel, busy days, and hectic lifestyles in general, we’ll be the first to admit that cleansing wipes have been used many a time in place of cleanser. The latest news, however, is now making us think twice about one of our favorite beauty products.

Experts are now saying that because of the ingredients and how we use them, cleansing wipes could actually be causing acne, spots, wrinkles, and allergic reactions. “Many women use wipes to remove eye make-up,” says cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Sam Bunting. “Because the cleansing lotions can be quite mild, it may take a considerable amount of physical force to get stubborn make-up off, thus risking harming the delicate eye area.” Think about the last time you used a makeup remover wipe to take off your mascara. If you’re anything like us, it required a lot of pressing, tugging and rubbing (especially if it’s waterproof), all of which can cause sagging skin around your eyes.

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The wipes can also cause dryness, because a main ingredient is alcohol, which helps to cut through makeup. While the wipes are effective at removing makeup, they’re also removing your skin’s natural oils and drying out the surface. What’s more, because they’re not effectively cleaning your skin, if you use any lotions or creams afterwards, they won’t properly absorb into your skin, making them less effective. Essentially, you’re wasting time and money on moisturizers if you’re not properly cleansing your skin before using them.

If you’ve got sensitive skin, you may want to rethink the wipes, too. In order to keep bacteria out of the packaging, many wipes contain high percentages of preservatives, which can seriously irritate your skin and trigger allergic reactions.

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The worst finding? Using the cleansing wipes may effectively remove makeup, but once that’s over, all you’re doing is essentially moving the dirt and bacteria around on your face, brushing it from one place to the next. This can clog pores and trigger breakouts, so you could essentially be giving yourself acne if you’re not cleansing properly.

So, what’s the moral of this story? Unless you’re desperate, you shouldn’t be only using cleansing wipes on your face without following with a cleanser. Traveling and a late night may be exceptions, but there isn’t really a substitute for washing your face. There are certainly higher quality cleansing wipes that are better alternatives, but you should still be using a cleanser on your face to treat your skin in the best way possible.

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