The Top 5 Cleansing Tools You Need to Know

Rachel Krause

The days of scrubbing our faces with our hands alone are long gone, and in their place is the age of cleansing tools. Even a warm, damp washcloth is considered amateur hour—it’s all about oscillating brushes, silicone “touch points,” and things that both need to be charged and look way more suggestive than they actually are. (“It’s not a vibrator,” we tell every houseguest and TSA agent ever.)

If you’re experiencing some confusion over how, exactly, these tools differentiate from one another, and even more confusion over which one is most useful for your skin, we’re more than happy to explain. And if you’re hesitant to spend a chunk of change on something you’ll only be using to wash your face, don’t worry—we’ve got you covered on that front too.

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