Cleansing Balms Are Your New Skin Care Go To

Caitlin S. Miller
cleansing balm story Cleansing Balms Are Your New Skin Care Go To

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We like to fancy ourselves adventurous when it comes to skin care. We’ll lather, slather, and apply just about anything on our faces in the name of beauty. In our on-going experiment for the perfect skin care routine, we try a lot of products. But lately, an updated version of an old classic keeps hitting our desk. Cleansers in the form of luscious balms housed in stylish jars have slowly worked their way onto beauty shelves everywhere, and now, they’re working their way into our own skin care routine. And for good reason—cleansing balm benefits are abundant. And after having used them for only a few washes, we’ve already changed the way we think of cleansers entirely.

What is a cleansing balm?
In the simplest terms, a cleansing balm is a cleanser with a balmy or even a gel-like consistency like that of elf Hydrating Gel Melt Cleanser ($10, You use a balm exactly as you would any other creamy or foamy cleanser to wash your face in the morning or at night. However, what separates this variation of the skin care staple is the fact this particular variation undergoes a physical change from a dense balm to a silky cleansing oil upon contact.

How to use
The application process is beyond easy. Simply scoop out your desired balm amount—we found the smaller the scoop, the better (think no larger than a quarter) as the balm transforms into an oil and covers a lot of ground in its liquid state. Balms like Banila Co Clean It Zero Classic Balm ($21, are on the thicker side and require a bit of massaging into the skin to see the maximum absorption benefits. Ultimately, because cleansing balms are uber rich in oils, they are ideal for gently scrubbing away the day’s makeup. We particularly love a good cleansing balm on the eyes to melt off stubborn mascara without pulling or tugging the delicate eye area.

The benefits
Unlike many other cleansers that can be synonymous with taut, dry skin or one’s that require harsh makeup removers used in conjunction, cleansing balms are kind of all-in-one superheroes. Most are rich in a number of oils and are ideal for dehydrated skin. They also are gentle and maintain skin’s natural oil content well (the oils cleanse without stripping the skin of its natural oils), thus ensuring skin is left plump and nourished. Plus the high oil content is a star at makeup removal, allowing you to ditch the facial wipes and difficult makeup removers altogether. Many balms even contain other stellar ingredients like antioxidants for even more skin care benefits. One of our faves, Kat Burki’s Vitamin C Nourishing Cleansing Balm ($85,, contains brightening ingredients like vitamin C, which helps with signs of aging. Plus most balms are so nourishing and chalk full of oils, you can skip a daily moisturizer if you’re so inclined. Think of a balm as a makeup remover, cleanser, and oil serum all in one.

To say we’ve fallen under the balm spell is an understatement indeed!

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