Clarins Takes a Step Back to Finally Move Forward


After seven years, Clarins’ highly successful Multi-Active line, which dominates the European market, is finally being updated.

Multi-Active Day Early Correction, will be instated as a prequel to the leading skin care product, focused on the concerns of a slightly younger demographic.

Clarins president Isabelle Herbreteau explained to WWD that, “When you target recruitment, you target younger generations and Multi-Active is a key item for us to recruit younger customers.”

The multi-active formula is a multi-purpose correction and prevention agent. The cream is designed not only to prevent future lines and signs of aging, but also to correct any damage and reduce the visibility of any early wrinkles or stress marks.

Clarins typically focuses on women in their 40’s and 50’s because of their heightened awareness of aging skin. The decision to expand advertising to women two decades younger is especially important as skin-related research grows and new preventative treatments are on the rise.

The Multi-Active Range will launch in September at about 1,000 doors in the U.S and 11,500 doors in Europe. Jonathan Zrihen, Clarins chief executive officer, says the added product line is expected to make up nearly 10 percent of the brands total business, about $1 billion dollars.

The four-item package, priced at $54, incorporates a hydrating toner, a repairing conditioner and an SPF 15 protection lotion.

So whether your 25, or 55, you never have to wear your age on your face.