News: The Reason Behind Clare Bowen’s New Pixie Cut; Khloe Kardashian’s Food Diary

Victoria Moorhouse

“Nashville” star Clare Bowen cut her hair as a touching reminder that beauty from within is way more important than any hairstyle you could ever wear. In a Facebook post, she explained that she was inspired to make the change when she heard that a little girl thought you could only be a princess when you had long hair. Find out more on what fueled the big change here. [E!]

Khlo√© Kardashian reveals everything you’d ever want to know about what she eats in a day. [StyleCaster]

Victoria’s Secret Angel Candace Swanepoel breaks down her at-home hair routine. Curling irons are not involved. [Harper’s Bazaar]

Do hair care supplements actually work? Find out what two experts have to say. [Byrdie]

Ryan Seacrest is launching a men’s skin care line. Really. [Allure]