Get Citrus Happy With These Freshly-Scented Summer Products

Amanda Elser
Get Citrus Happy With These Freshly-Scented Summer Products
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Nothing makes us cringe more than someone wearing a heavy, musky perfume in July. Sure, you still smell lovely – but just like you change your wardrobe every summer, you should really swap your scents.

The summer months are a time to set aside your heavy, amber perfumes and instead opt for a lighter, citrus floral to dab on your wrists, or better yet – your hair.

Citrus scents offer a natural and refreshing update to your summer beauty regimen. But the fun doesn’t have to stop with your perfume. Ditch your everyday shampoo and opt for the floral power of the Dove® Hair Therapy Revival Shampoo and Conditioner to put that extra skip in step and be sure to try these other citrus-scented beauty and styling products. Let citrus revive your senses and kick-start all of your daily activities this summer!

Our Beauty and The Beach series highlights the biggest trends and beach-perfect looks for summer. For more information on our relationship with Dove® Style+Care™:

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Scroll through the slideshow for summer scented products for the whole body.

Need to freshen up after a few hours at the gym? Boost your energy and smell better with Bath & Body Work’s Orange Ginger Aromatherapy Body Mist ($15). The essential oils are guaranteed to be uplifting and to sharpen your senses. Just take a deep breath and let the your body mist do the rest.

Photo: Bath & Body Works/Bath & Body Works

Don’t worry about having to lug around your breakable perfume jar on your summer getaway. Pacifica Bali Lime Papaya Solid Perfume ($9) is the perfect way to get the scent you love without it breaking all over your new heels.

Photo: Pacifica/Pacifica

We dare you to try The Body Shop’s Pink Grapefruit Puree Body Lotion ($12) and not become totally addicted. The perfect summer beauty product to moisturize without creating a second coat of cream on your skin, this refreshing gel goes on smooth and dries quickly, leaving only the scent of freshly squeezed grapefruit behind.

Photo: The Body Shop/The Body Shop

I think we can all agree that smelling great always starts in the shower. So take it from the top and use the Dove® Hair Therapy Revival Shampoo and Conditioner. The Micromoisture Serum cares and revives hair, while the pomegranate and lemon verbena scent will leave you (and your hair) in a good mood for days.

Photo: Dove/Dove

Although summer is the time to spread your socializing wings, don’t forget to take a few moments for yourself. Freeman’s Facial Clay Mask in Mint & Lemon ($3.99) will be all you need for an evening pick-me-up on a night-in.

Photo: Freeman/Freeman

Although we are huge fans of a bold lip this summer, we can’t argue that there are few things better in life than your favorite lip balm. Burt’s Bees Refreshing Lip Balm with Pink Grapefruit ($3) will be all you need to moisturize your lips all summer long.

Photo: Burt's Bees/Burt's Bees

Wash away the suntan lotion and your waterproof mascara with Perricone MD Citrus Facial Wash ($39). Its non-drying formula will remove all evidence from a day in the sun and will leave your face soft and filled with its natural oils.

Photo: Perricone MD/Perricone MD

Even your home could use a scent-redo in this season. Light this Pomegranate Citrus candle from Archipelago ($25) and now it really smells like summer.

Photo: Archipelagio/Archipelagio

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