News: Christina Aguilera Makes a Major Hair Change; The Truth About Blackheads

Rachel Krause

Christina Aguilera has definitely made some major hair changes in the past, but this switch-up to a dark brunette shade (for her guest spot on “Nashville”) is her most dramatic makeover in a while. [POPSUGAR Beauty]

If you’re guilty of committing various compulsive beauty sins like nail-biting, hair-twirling, and skin-picking, it may just be an indication that you’re a perfectionist. [Elle]

We couldn’t be more thrilled that “Pitch Perfect 2” will be coming to theaters, but we’re also pretty excited about how the movie’s on-set hairstylists keeps the Bellas looking perfect. [InStyle]

This just in: What you think are blackheads may actually just be totally natural sebaceous filaments. Regardless, the lesson here is to stop picking. [Beauty High]