Christie Brinkley Talks Anti-Aging (and Her New Skin Care Line)

Rachel Krause
Sonia Moskowitz/WireImage/Getty Images

Sonia Moskowitz/WireImage/Getty Images

Christie Brinkleymom, model, model mom, philanthropist, and master juggler. Okay, so she’s not an actual juggler, but you know what we mean. The woman plays so many roles on a daily basis, and pulls them all of with a smile. More importantly, she’s just as delightful to sit with in person as you’d think. Kind, generous, chatty, thoughtful and seriously knowledgeable about skin care, which is reassuring, considering that she’s on the brink (pun intended) of launching her brand new anti-aging skin care collection.

One thing to note about Christie’s new line is that, while there are plenty of celebrity-endorsed beauty products on the market, all too often they aren’t worth their salt. Christie Brinkley Authentic Skincare, on the other hand, is really, genuinely good, with high-quality ingredients that rival those “I’m a label reader,” she told us. “I didn’t want any parabens, I didn’t want anything harmful. I wanted it to be as organic as possible,” she assured us, “but it took four years of developing the line, in order to ensure the efficacy that I wanted and the real luxury feel.” We’ll attest to the fact that she succeededeach and every one of the gentle, fragrance-free products feel glorious on the skin.

Guilty as charged: We just couldn’t sit down with Christie without interrogating her about her top fitness tips. She says of the one thing you shouldn’t be doing, “Don’t sit too much! It’s the worst thing for you.” For many of us, most of our jobs involve a great deal of sittingbut we’ll put in a little extra effort to get moving around the office, just for Christie.

And her most important beauty rite, she says, is to always, always wear sunscreen. “I have a lot of sun damage,” Christie confessed, and she shared that she’s a real stickler for making sure her kids protect their skin. They undoubtedly have some pretty amazing genes to begin with but nobody is immune from the damaging effects of the sun.

You can find Christie Brinkley Authentic Skincare online now, but you can also find Christie tonight, March 5th, on HSN for the Midnight Kick-Off Special Event. Don’t be late!

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