News: Christie Brinkley Talks Diet and Fitness; The $3 Makeup Tool You Need ASAP

Leah Faye Cooper
Christie Brinkley news

Photo: Ben Gabbe / Getty Images

Fingers crossed that Christie Brinkley-esque eternal youth is in the cards for all of us, but to increase our chances of looking slammin’ past 60, we’ll be taking note of these diet and fitness tips she just shared. [STYLECASTER]

Take this quiz to see which beauty capital you should add to your wanderlust list. Any excuse to book a vacay, right? [Byrdie]

Your key to perfect makeup application might be this $3 tool. [Marie Claire]

If you’ve lost count of the number of selfies you’ve taken this month, it may be time to put your phone down. Those solo shots could be damaging your skin [Allure]

Want to get your hands on France’s top-selling face mask? You might have to dip into your savings, but according to one editor, it’ll be worth it. [Refinery29]

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