Christie Brinkley Is ‘Really, Really Happy’ with 3 Glasses of Champagne Each Day

christie brinkley Christie Brinkley Is Really, Really Happy with 3 Glasses of Champagne Each Day


In true DGAF fashion, the ageless Christie Brinkley says she swears by booze—and likes a three-glasses-on-the-daily routine. “I’m really, really happy because I love prosecco and champagne,” she told The Coveteur. “Two weeks ago The New York Times came out with a huge study that says that the bubbles of sparkling wine and champagne … helps to prevent Alzheimer’s. Doctors’ orders, three glasses of champagne a day! So I’m on it!”

Straight from the horse’s mouth (presumably soon to be full of bubbly beverages): She is on it. She’s also on her fitness game, starting every morning “with some sun salutations,” with an exhausting-sounding gym situation afterward: “I get on my Total Gym—it’s a great eccentric and concentric exercise, which has been proven to be the best exercise for you, stretching and strengthening at the same time,” she said. “Then I’ll either jump on a Peloton bike or I’ll run—I live out in the Hamptons most of the time, so I’ll take a run down to the beach or I’ll go to a gym to lift some weights.” Note to self: To look the way she does at 62, you have to kick things off with a little yoga, do some “Total Gym,” whatever the hell that is, and round things out with some Spinning, running or weight-lifting. Also, you have to be Christie Brinkley.

When it’s time to officially face the day, she’s all about … hair extensions. “I have two sets of [hair extensions] in today,” she said. “They’re so easy. I mean, literally I will either let my hair dry as I’m running around or blow-dry my hair and snap them in and it’s like, whoa, instant!” So her lustrous mane of flaxen gold is actually fake, at least in part. But no one would ever have to be the wiser, except for the fact that Brinkley is pretty open about it. “You cannot tell that there’s any fake hair in there—it looks like you have the thickest head of hair,” she said. “I think it’s one of my best hair secrets. It gives you the chicest ponytail you can imagine.” You heard her: Sun salutations, hair extensions, and three glasses of champs a day make Brinkley’s world go ’round. Doesn’t sound like a bad life.