News: Christie Brinkley Talks Body Image; The Contouring Mistakes You’re Probably Making

Alle Connell
christie brinkley body image

Photo: J. Countess/Getty Images

When Christie Brinkley talks, we listen—especially when she’s talking about body image. “It’s up to us to set our own standards of what’s right for us and be leaders, and not be under this pressure of thinking that we need to fit in to something that maybe we’re not meant to fit into,” the supermodel said. “People’s bodies come in every shape and size, and I really believe that all shapes and sizes should be celebrated as long as that’s your natural, healthy weight.” Word, girl. [Huffington Post]

How many of these contouring mistakes have you made? We’ll be honest—we’ve done all of these at one time or another, but what is life if not an opportunity to learn? [Allure]

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When did your hair first make you feel like an adult? These editors share their tales of terrible cuts, “bridal hair” and the magical moment when they finally felt like they’d gotten their hair right. Magical stuff! [Elle]

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