Christian Dior Mascara: First Lash-Pumping Formula Introduced

Rachel Adler

Ever since Brooke Shields appeared on our TV screens promoting Latisse and her long eyelashes, girls everywhere have been trying to figure out how to get long, luscious lashes to match–but without the possibly harmful side effects.

Well, Parfums Christian Dior announced today that they are preparing to launch Diorshow Extase, which is supposed to be the first “lash pumping” mascara.

Dior executives said that the secret behind the mascara’s power (as in most mascara’s) is in the brush. But this is the first mascara with elastomeric and nylon fibers, which add extra volume to the lashes. The mascara’s formula also contains SR38, which is said to act like a ceramide (which is known in the beauty world as a conditioner for lashes) and help make your eyelashes healthy. The mascara also contains Metamorphosis Powder which gives a plumping effect, and Black Pearl Pigments which give it it’s intense color.

Even the brush sounds amazing: “Extase’s brush is like a little succession of tiers to create reservoir effects and to boost the formula’s plumping effect,” said Jerome Leloup, the international marketing director for makeup at Dior.

The mascara will go on sale in December for $28 at Sephora–start prepping your lashes now ladies.