Chrissy Teigen’s Advice on Staying True to Yourself on Social Media


Welcome to our Rule Breakers series, which spotlights five fabulous, gutsy women who are breaking boundaries in their respective fields—from supermodel Chrissy Teigen to designer Cynthia Rowley. Over the next few months, expect career advice, risk-taking tips, and insight on how to be an overall badass. Read more about the series!

All month, we’ve been profiling ground-breaking influencers like model Chrissy Teigen, and in keeping with our motto, “Style to the People,” we’re thrilled that each amazing woman in our series is also bringing her insight to a rising star in her field. In this case, Teigen met with new face model Kelly Rohr, whose killer looks and bubbly talent as an actress landed her a modeling contract with mega agency, IMG.

“There’s no territory you won’t go, I love that about you.” Kelly tells Chrissy while excited to learn more about how the supermodel became a social media sensation.  Kelly, a newbie to the modeling scene as well as the social media scene, has been worried about how to expose herself online and how to master the sometimes intimidating world of social media.  Chrissy reassures her, “You don’t have to connect with people the way I connect with people. Don’t feel any pressure to be ridiculous.”

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Chrissy also explains that having a tough skin is the most important thing when dealing with the unpredictable online audience comments.  “When you open yourself up this much, you can’t complain about what you get back from it.  What is hard is that I want to share everything that I share, so when people talk shit to you,  I have to be more ok with accepting that. I basically am like a Twitter reality show, people see everything.”

Watch the video above to find out more about how Chrissy Teigen handles her social media personality and how even a beginner can master it too.

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