Why Chrissy Teigen Skipped the Lipstick for Her Second Becca Cosmetics Collab

Why Chrissy Teigen Skipped the Lipstick for Her Second Becca Cosmetics Collab
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She’s got her hands full with a newborn son, toddler daughter, and second cookbook on the way, but Chrissy Teigen has still managed to gift beauty stans (us included) with a second Becca Cosmetics collaboration. And because she’s one of the more relatable celebrity beauties, her capsule collection includes a body oil that is not only multipurpose, but made without the sticky formulas typically found in similar products.

“I’ve always wanted something easy that I could apply myself without a mirror and know that it’s going to look flawless,” said the model and entrepreneur in an interview with Allure, where she also revealed that her penchant for glowy skin was ultimately the inspiration for the summer-ready find.

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“I do really love taking good care of my skin,” she said. “When I work on a red-carpet look with my makeup artist Mary Phillips, we get really focused on skin. We want it to look really flawless, whether its legs, arms, collarbones. We kind of take pride in how good it looks in photos, so I was like, ‘oh, let’s do something for body that everyone can use.'” She also mentions that because the oil isn’t sticky, you needn’t worry about it getting sand–something that truly ruins her day– all over your body at the beach.

The other standout product in the Endless Summer Glow Collection is a “Glow Gloss,” available in three blush-toned shades. As someone who isn’t a huge fan of lip stains, Teigen prefers gloss since it’s essentially foolproof to apply, wear, and maintain, unlike lipstick, which can bleed and leave unattractive rings around the mouth. In fact, that’s why you’ll rarely see her wearing a bold lip on the red carpet.

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“I think bold lips are great for people who are able to just do sexy, coy smiles but I’m completely incapable of that, so I end up looking like a killer clown or something,” she said. Instead, she focuses on keeping things understated, but presentable. For instance, when she’s on Instagram Stories, she’ll use a body oil to accentuate her clavicle area and skin-friendly makeup for vibrancy.

Shop the entire line–which also includes a face palette–here.

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