Chloe Nørgaard Spills About Her Hair Coloring Tips and Tricks

Rachel Adler
Chloe Norgaard

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Model Chloe Nørgaard may have taken a chance by dyeing her hair rainbow colors before showing up at casting calls, but it was a risk she was willing to take, and one that worked. Nørgaard can now be seen in numerous advertising campaigns and runway shows (she consistently walks Rodarte each season) and often times dyes her hair according to what designers request.

Not only is the model and DJ flexible with her colored hair, but she is also well-known for doing the dye jobs herself – something we definitely give her props for. Nørgaard stopped by our StyleCaster x UGG Australia Coachella Style Haven party to DJ for a couple of hours and our features director Sam Lim caught up with her to ask her the questions that really matter (like how she get her rainbow hair just right for the occasion). Find out below Nørgaard’s secrets to getting — and keeping — colored hair, and how she matches her makeup to it.

Beauty High: Let’s talk about your hair – was this a “Coachella” special?

Chloe Nørgaard: Yeah! I’ve been fading it out because I had this minty green so I’ve been fading it out so I could have a blank canvas, and I wanted to do rainbow again because it hasn’t been fully rainbow in a minute, so I kind of just did red to purple, going over like a rainbow would. So this whole part’s red, this whole part’s orange, then yellow, blue, and purple.

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Do you have a few tips for how you keep your color? 

Cold water keeps the color in, if you want the color to come out use shampoos with tea tree oil or like sitting in a bath. And if you want to keep it, use those shampoos with the color safe stuff in it of course and conditioner. Definitely use serums and oils to keep it healthy because you have to bleach it to color it so it f–ks up your hair.

And how often do you color it? 

It really depends. Sometimes it’s once a month and sometimes it’s like three times a month. It’s random.

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So do you know how many times you’ve dyed it over the course of the years? 

Oh no. I have no idea. I know I’ve f–d up a lot of bathrooms and a lot of towels but I don’t know how many times I’ve dyed my hair.

When your hair is dyed what kind of makeup do you like to wear? 

I don’t. The only thing is I don’t wear lipstick anymore. I just feel like with colored hair when you wear lipstick it looks completely insane. Like I used to wear cool colored lipsticks and stuff but that was when I was blonde. And then I’ve noticed that if I had purple lipstick on I feel like I’d look like a clown, but not a clown, like a really bad raver slash…I don’t know. I don’t think it’s a good look.

So just eye makeup? What kind of eye makeup are you into right now. 

Glitter. I love glitter, like putting it underneath rather than on top.

Ha yes, we can see that – what are you wearing right now? 

It’s like a liquid glitter liner but I put like a blue actual pencil liner under it and then the glitter liner on top. But sometimes I just put the glitter liner and then it looks like I’m kind of just crying gold or something like that.