Chinese Rocks


Smooth or chunky? With Lipstick Queen‘s new Chinatown pencils, you get both. Essentially, they’re extra-fat lip crayons, each filled with a creamy sheer gloss that leaves a subtle (and summer!) tint. Since you literally draw this gloss on, it goes on precisely and never gets gloppy, gummy, or smudged, plus it lasts much longer than a typical gloss would. And it’s also packed with loads of moisturizing ingredients– like vitamin e and mango butter– that keep your lips supple and chap-free.

Like everything in the Lipstick Queen line, each pencil’s got a clever name– Thriller, Genre, and Chase– and comes in snazzy packaging. (Fortunately– since these sticks are fatter than anything in your makeup drawer– each comes with its own special sharpener too.)

As for the name Chinatown, that came from the New York neighborhood where the brand is based, as well as Roman Polanski’s iconic film of the same name. Chinese takeout never looked this good….

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