How To Rock A Chemical Haircut

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How To Rock A Chemical Haircut
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You couldn’t look at any Fashion Week coverage last year without seeing a sea of platinum blonde heads, so it seemed. The hot and very high-maintenance hair color looked so ice-queen chic and otherworldly, however. For those of your who took the bleach plunge and rejoiced at your de-pigmented strands, only to have them disintegrate in your hands (and in the shower, every time you brush your hair, and every time you take out your ponytail, etc) every day after—you, my friend, are suffering from a “chemical haircut.”

You aren’t alone, though. Those models whose photos you brought in to your colorist as a reference for how light you wanted to go? Their hair is hurting hard with all the heat styling and touch-ups that go down for every shoot or runway show. So hard, in fact, that they took to the salon to go whole hog—chopping off all those broken strands in favor of a shorter crop of slightly stronger hairs. It’s rough, but chopping off damaged hair that’s beyond repair is a must—because if you don’t do it, it’ll eventually just break off itself. Luckily for models, they still look smashing in shorter ‘dos. Let this guide be inspiration, for those of you with suffering brittle tresses, that you can start anew and look fresh while you’re at it.

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Aline Weber was one of those models known for her platinum locks. But after countless runway shows, the heat finally got the best of it, and she cropped her long blonde for a textured blonde bob. One thing about having ends that break off is that at least you naturally get a "textured" effect.

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Charlotte Carey can be counted on for generally having a spunky 'do, whether it's fire engine red, platinum blonde, orange, or her current bronze shag. When growing out platinum, lots of girls dye it back to their natural color—or close to it.

Rita Ora has been a blonde for as long as we have known Rita Ora. From glam Marilyn Monroe-inspired curls to a cool lob and NOW, to an amazing half-pixie cut, Rita Ora's hair is a constant "do." However, you've got to wonder... how blonde can you go before your hair says no?

Sky Ferreira has rocked platinum blonde for ages, finally succumbing to the breakage recently, as she can be seen sporting her natural dark brown hair (cut into a cool shaggy do). Before the dye-back, though, she went for a jagged bob that still looks cool, especially with some grungy roots peeping through.

Soo Joo Park was THE model of the moment last year—as far as platinum jobs go. Her transformation from black to platinum got a nod of approval from Karl Lagerfeld himself, as she's become a regular on Chanel's runway. Alas, all that attention fried her locks, leading to a cool cropped and layered do. It's somewhere between a shag and a pixie—jury's out–but we do know that Soo Joo rocks it well.

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