Chemical-Free Sunscreen: Our Top Picks for Protecting Your Skin

Samantha Freeman

There’s a lot to consider when you purchase a new sunscreen. What’s the formula? How high is the SPF? Will the ingredients make you break out? On top of this list of questions, however, is another very important factor: Chemicals. Chemical-free sunscreen may be a bit tougher to find, but considering the lengths we go to to use sunscreen and protect our skin from sun damage, we’d like to keep the chemicals from harming our skin in the process.

If you’ve been searching for a chemical-free sunscreen, we did the grunt work for you. Below are our picks for the best chemical-free sunscreens out there!
alba Chemical Free Sunscreen: Our Top Picks for Protecting Your Skin

We love Alba’s all-natural products, and their chemical-free sunscreen is no exception. The mix of sunflower seed oils and aloe vera make this the perfect fragrance-free option for your dose of SPF.
Alba Botanic Very Emollient Sunscreen, $11.49,

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blue lizard

Day in and day out, Blue Lizard’s chemical and paraben-free sunscreen will keep you protected for hours on end. Plus, because it’s fragrance-free, you won’t have the usual smell of sunscreen following you around all day.
Blue Lizard Australian Sunscreen Sensitive, $13,

neutrogena Chemical Free Sunscreen: Our Top Picks for Protecting Your Skin

Neutrogena’s Pure & Free Liquid Sunscreen practically melts into your skin, giving you sheer coverage without the white film some other sunscreens leave behind. Add to that the fact that it’s got an SPF of 50 and you know you’re protected.
Neutrogena Pure & Free Liquid, $12.49,

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badger Chemical Free Sunscreen: Our Top Picks for Protecting Your Skin
With only five simple ingredients, this Badger sunscreen stays effective and waterproof for almost 80 minutes. It’s perfect for a day laying by the pool or on the beach.
Badger Broad Spectrum Sunscreen, $13.59,


burts bees

We love all of Burt’s Bees lip balms, hand creams, and lotions but their all natural sunscreen is one of our favorites. Try this during your next beach day and we have no doubt you’ll love the natural honey scent.
Burt’s Bees Chemical-Free Sunscreen, $15.64,

coral safe
Coral safe is one of the best chemical-free sunscreens on the market. It’s kid-friendly, chemical-free and non-allergenic, all of which make a perfect natural sunscreen.
Coral Safe All Natural SPF 30 Biodegradable Sunscreen, $23.04,


kiss my face

Kiss My Face has plenty of options, but we love their all-natural mineral sunscreen best. It’s water-resistant and fights aging; what could be better?
Kiss My Face Natural Mineral Sunscreen SPF 40, $14.99,