No Cheekbones? These Contouring Tips Create ‘Em for You

Natasha Burton
Photo: Getty Images

Photo: Getty Images

Creating the look of cheekbones is one of the best ways to look chicer and polished in a flash. But, if you’ve ever seen a tutorial on contouring or watched a YouTube beauty vlogger give a step-by-step application, all the products and time needed to create the look can make you rethink trying it. To get a quick, easy method for highlighting your cheekbones, we turned to Mehron makeup artist Pamela Faller. She outlined how to get a defined look in just four steps.

1. Find those cheekbones.
First, make a fish face and run a finger along the hollow of your cheek, then move up until you are directly below the bone. It helps to hold your finger parallel along the entire length of the bone to guide where you’ll contour.

2.  Lay the foundation.
Grab a darker shade than your normal shade of cream foundation or pressed powder. Then, using the appropriate brush or pad, and starting at the hairline, lightly sweep color in toward the apple of the cheek, then blend using a sponge.

3. Go creamy.
Using a cream blush, like Mehron Cheek Cream ($7.95,, apply in your desired shade to the apples of the cheeks to help define and brighten your complexion.

4. Brighten up.
For added pop and extra definition, use a highlight color directly above where the cheek cream was applied, running from the outer corner of the eye up to temple.

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