Check List


Tonight StyleCaster is celebrating the holidays with a big blowout bash hosted by, among others, Jessica Joffe and Anne Churchill. Hundreds of personalities from the fashion industry are going to be bringing their cheer and Choos to party in true start-up-website style, i.e. lots and lots of 10 Cane rum. Since I am going to be seeing just about everyone I know tonight I obviously want to look my best. Below is my “getting ready” (and coming undone) checklist:

7:15 am: log an hour at the gym

8:30 am: apply two layers of Jergen Natural Glow lotion

10:00 am-3:30 pm: drink excessive amounts of green tea

4:00 pm: visit Cutler for a blowout

5:00 pm: attempt to apply fake eyelashes

6:00 pm: squeeze in to new Alexander Wang pencil skirt

7:00 pm- ?: start celebrating, let my hair down, get skirt snagged on someone’s rinestone bracelet, smudge my eye-makeup, dance until my feet hurt, grab late-night food in Chinatown with girlfriends.