Cheap Trick: Yes to Cucumbers Natural After-Sun Serum

Augusta Falletta

Yes to cucumbers

There’s nothing we love more than beauty on a budget, especially when the product is actually worth way more than the price tag. “Cheap Trick” is our way of sharing our favorite wallet-friendly finds with the beauty world, so you can look great and have money to spend on more important things (like brunch with the girls).

In an ideal world, we’d all wear sunscreen every day and never have to experience the pain, burning and further complications of sunburn. Though we’re huge supporters of lotion with SPF and anything that can help protect our skin from UV rays, there are always going to be moments when it’s hard to avoid getting too much sun. Besides taking an anti-inflammatory like Advil and drinking tons of water, sunburned skin needs topical relief. Enter Yes to Cucumbers Soothing Natural After-Sun Serum, the sunburn solution we’ve been waiting for.

Hypoallergenic and containing aloe and green tea, the After-Sun Serum cools as it moisturizes, leaving your skin feeling all kinds of relief. We love using it after spending too long in the sun, but it’s also fantastic when you’ve had a long day and you need to feel pampered at home. Overall, we love the natural product and all of its benefits.

Where to Buy:Yes to Cucumbers Soothing Natural After-Sun Serum, $9.99,

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