Why This Beauty Expert Tells Kim Kardashian to Sleep in Her Makeup

Why This Beauty Expert Tells Kim Kardashian to Sleep in Her Makeup
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Who could forget the moment during the 2015 InStyle Awards when Kim Kardashian waxed poetic about Makeup Artist of the Year honoree Charlotte Tilbury, saying “Charlotte Tilbury is my hero, because she has never let her husband see her without makeup on. She sleeps with her makeup on. She’s my idol.” Uhhh, yep. And the only reason I remember this quote so clearly is because when I read it, I was sitting next to my boyfriend, covered in a slick layer of coconut oil and zit cream. I promptly lol’d and dared him to say anything about my face. But, seriously, Tilbury? We love you to death, but you can’t really be advising the world to sleep in their makeup, right?

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Oh, she is. Tilbury clarified her statements to The Cut this week, saying that not only does she sleep in her makeup, but she has a “bedroom eye” that she creates before going to sleep. “I take off all my eye makeup, and then I reapply it,” she says. “I put on my eyeliner…and then I put a little bit of mascara on my top lashes, and then that’s it. I always say it’s my bedroom eye because it just makes me feel sexy.” And though we are totally not here to put down anything that makes another woman feel confident, we also have to point out that sleeping in your makeup is really, really not great for your skin.

Yeah, you’ve heard it before. You obviously know that sleeping in mascara can cause pink eye, brittle, broken eyelashes, and swollen eyelids, and that not properly removing your foundation can lead to acne and extra wrinkles—yes, wrinkles. And what about that woman who, as an experiment, didn’t take off her makeup for a month and ended up aging her skin ten full years by the end of the four weeks. There are pictures. It’s bad.

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So as much as we love that Tilbury feels excellent in her skin—and she really does look amazing, so to each her own, obviously—we can’t advise this practice for everyone. But if you completely want to embody the life of Kim Kardashian and one of the world’s most-famous makeup artists, then, uh, now you know how!