The ‘Instant’ Solution to Any and Every Last-Minute Makeup Situation

Rachel Krause


Almost all of my social engagements are purely of the last-minute variety. It’s a sort of oppositional defiance, or at least a paradox—the further ahead I’ve planned to do something, the less likely I am to want to do it when the occasion rolls around. I prefer to go where the wind takes me, so to speak, and sometimes the wind takes me when I am not prepared.

Like, say, on a Friday afternoon where I’d planned to go straight home from work and take my jeans off and turn on a meditative podcast and then inevitably get bored and watch the first season of “Peep Show” for the tenth time (the best) and fall asleep at 8 pm. This is generally the type of situation where something comes up that I feel like doing, and then I’m caught unawares and have to make some transformative effort to show that I tried.

In layman’s terms, I could really use a fucking EOD makeover. I have been alive long enough to know that this is not unique to me; in fact, there’s a whole phenomenon based on “looks” that seamlessly transition from day to night. This, I imagine, is why the eminent celebrity makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury, beloved by everyone from Kim Kardashian to Kate Moss, created her new Instant Look In a Palette ($75), which is alarmingly accurate in its guarantee of being “an all-in-one beauty palette that EVERY WOMAN NEEDS in her beauty kit for DAY TO EVENING makeup!” (Emphasis Charlotte’s, or whichever copywriter is responsible for her product descriptions.)

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The palette, a slim, fairly innocuous item that fits easily in most purses provided it’s not, like, a really tiny one, contains seven different powders for varying purposes. They are: Eye Brighten, Eye Enhance, Eye Smoke, Face Bronzer, Cheek Swish, Cheek Pop, and Face Highlighter. The self-explanatory names are made even more easily digestible by the fact that each one has been helpfully embossed with both its name and its number, or rather, the order in which it should be applied.

The formulas are easy to blend, the colors are sheer and universally flattering, and the whole simple situation makes it basically impossible to bungle. It is five-minute makeup for dummies, it is the one palette to rule them all, and that is a beautiful thing. Which is probably why it’s sold out right now, and inexplicably selling for $115 on eBay. (Don’t buy that.)

Trust me when I say that, it’s true, “EVERY WOMAN NEEDS” this palette for “DAY TO EVENING makeup.” Or, honestly, you could just skip the whole day to evening bit and jump straight to all day, every day. That’s cool, too.

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