Charlotte Tilbury’s New Complexion Booster Is Literally a Filter for Your Skin

Charlotte Tilbury’s New Complexion Booster Is Literally a Filter for Your Skin
Photo: Allison Kahler

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If I could have one makeup artist at my side every day, it would be Charlotte Tilbury. And that’s not a statement I make lightly because I know my makeup artists. But there are few women in the beauty industry whose history is as star-studded, award-winning, and lasting as hers.

Your introduction to the fiery redhead likely arrived one of two ways: Either you’ve seen her rubbing elbows with her famous clients (Emma Roberts, Jennifer Lopez, Nicole Kidman, to name a very few) or you’ve spotted her namesake beauty collection online and in stores.

Up until a few weeks ago, I had only dabbled in the makeup section, while maintaining a yearlong obsession with her Magic Cream Moisturizer (peak hydration levels!). But now, I’ve officially added another one of her inventions to my daily routine. And it’s good, like I-need-this-in-travel-size-so-I-don’t-go-a-day-without-it good.

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The Name: Hollywood Flawless Filter

The Price: $44. Yes, it’s a little pricey for someone with a modest budget, but it’s also multipurpose, and a little goes a long way. So you can buy one and not worry about having to replace it soon after … unless you use it obsessively like me.

The Ingredients: It’s cruelty-free and free of talc, parabens, fragrance, gluten, nuts, and alcohol.

So what exactly is a “complexion booster?” Think of it as a highlighter that you can use all over the face instead of just on your cheekbones. Instead of a shimmer, this delivers a high-gloss, dewy look that blurs pores and makes your skin look creamy, like your favorite Instagram filter or Facetune. If you’re wearing it mixed in or on top of your foundation, the before and after will astound you.

“This is completely inspired by Instagram filters. I came out with Wonder Glow, which is like Gisele [Bündchen] in a jar. This is like J-Lo in a jar,” Tilbury tells StyleCaster. “This is amped up. More filtered. The porcelain flower basically gives you brightness. It’s got the glossy oil, which creates that smoothness and glow on the skin.”

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There’s a multitude of ways you can use Flawless Filter. Slather it on your skin as a primer before makeup, apply it to your cheekbones and the bridge of your nose as a highlighter, or even wear it alone when you want to skip coverage. As for me, I’ve been wearing it on top of my go-to foundation, applying it to my cheeks, forehead, and nose, and blending with a wet beautyblender .

Sometimes I get a little overzealous and douse it all over, but it honestly still looks dewy and not greasy, which I love; especially since I’m prone to looking super oily this time of year. And the results are seriously astounding:

STYLECASTER | Charlotte Tilbury Flawless Filter Review

Nikki Brown

STYLECASTER | Charlotte Tilbury Flawless Filter Review

Nikki Brown

Before you complain that there aren’t 40+ shades to choose from, remember that this is not a foundation; instead, think of it as the finishing touch that gives you that lit-from-within glow with very little effort. Tilbury assured me that the product was tested on a wide variety of skin tones, so while I can’t speak for those with pale skin or those with dark skin, I can confidently say that it totally works on my light brown skin.

If you’re a Charlotte Tilbury newbie, I highly recommend starting with the Hollywood Flawless Filter. Tilbury herself also recommends the Multi-Miracle Glow, a favorite of her celebrity clients.

Purchase the Hollywood Flawless Filter here.