News: Charlize Theron Gets Candid About Beauty; How to Fix a Bad Dye Job

Rachel Krause
Photo: Getty Images

Photo: Getty Images

Charlize Theron isn’t just a pretty face—she’s also got a pretty sharp tongue. The Oscar winner talked beauty standards and why her girlfriends call her closet “Narnia.” [Elle]

Didn’t get quite what you wanted from your colorist this time? Take a deep breath, relax, and follow these simple steps to making it better. [Beauty High]

We bet you didn’t notice that Nicki Minaj‘s hair changed textures and lengths three times over the course of her VMAs appearance. We’ll admit it—we sure didn’t. [POPSUGAR Beauty]

The “flip manicure” is a relatively new version of nail art that places designs and embellishments on the inside of your nails. [Huffington Post]