A Beauty Classic Gets a Tasty Makeover

Megan Segura

PAA036394Of all the beauty products out there, I’ve remained the most loyal to ChapStick. When I was a kid, I had the cherry version and liked to call it my lipstick. I kept it in my pocket during family ski trips to keep my lips from drying out. Now it’s a staple in my nighttime routine, and I apply it without fail every evening before bedtime. Well, this classic just became better thanks to a fun makeover.

ChapStick Mixstix ($2.99, walgreens.com) is a 2-in-1 product with two flavors, one on each end. Complementary flavors like green apple and caramel are paired together to be worn together or alone. My favorite is the Lemon Berry Sorbet. And just like the original ChapStick formula, the balm goes on sheer, so you’re left with hydrated, natural-looking lips. Get ready to become addicted all over again.

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