Step Up Your Eyeshadow Game—and Save an Endangered Species While You’re At It

Rachel Krause

Photo: Chantecaille

I suffer no “Grizzly Man” delusions, and know that most of my razor-toothed jungle, woodland, tundra, and desert animals of choice would eat my limbs clean off given the opportunity, but that doesn’t mean I can’t still oooh and aaah over wildlife documentaries or National Geographic spreads—and it certainly doesn’t mean I can’t support their right to live.

Wolves, for one, are beautiful, dark-eyed, and more than a little dangerous, but none of that matters so much as the fact that they’re endangered. As predators who feast on large hoofed mammals that run rampant, wolves play an instrumental role in keeping ecosystems healthy and balanced.

Long story short: we, as human beings who live on this earth, need wolves, and not just to kill and display on our walls like trophies for sport. I once attended a Save the Wolves rally when I was twelve and I pay extra every time I get a new credit or debit card to keep it emblazoned with a photo of a gray wolf and a “Defender of Wildlife” crest, so I’m personally in pretty deep, but if you want to help the cause and don’t know how, and also happen to love eyeshadow, Chantecaille has got you covered.

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The beloved luxury brand is known for its philanthropic measures, and its latest cause is protecting the wolves in Fall 2015. Chantecaille Protect the Wolves Eye Shade Trio ($70) consists of three shadows: a rich deep black that can be used as liner, a warm, gold-infused pewter that makes all eye colors look luminous, and a pearly jade green that makes for the perfect understated flash of color. The palette also includes a shadow brush that’s actually functional (!), and each shadow pan is emblazoned with—you guessed it—a wolf.

Five-percent of all proceeds from the trio (and the Ella Cheek Shade ($40), too) will be donated to Conservation Northwest, which works hard to protect and repopulate gray wolves in the region.

With or without the wolves, the palette is a must-have, but if you’re at all interested in doing good for one of nature’s most necessary creatures, the charitable contribution really sweetens the deal.