The 2.55-Inspired Quilted Eye Makeup at Chanel Is Many, Many Strokes of Genius

Rachel Krause
Peter White/Getty Images

Peter White/Getty Images

Typically, one does not want bags of any sort anywhere near their eyes (and there’s a whole host of concealing products to prove it), but that relationship took on a whole different meaning at Chanel earlier today. On the penultimate day of Paris Fashion Week, Karl Lagerfeld presented the fashion house’s latest variation on its beloved 2.55—the “quilted eye,” as inspired by the cross-hatched leather of the iconic bag.


Perennial Chanel runway faves like Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, Lindsey Wixson, and Mariacarla Boscono got the 2.55 treatment courtesy of lead makeup artist Tom Pecheux, whose crazy precise handiwork ran from the lash line all the way up to the brow. Paired with an otherwise fresh, lightly flushed face and tousled hair, Pecheux’s textured statement eye looks like an easy, effortless thing one might do before leaving for work in the morning. It is not.