Chanel Perfume: No. 5 Gets Its Own Biography


The ubiquitous linking double C’s logo has enjoyed a particularly glam season this year, what with Audrey Tautou’s film chronicling the life of Mm. Chanel, the recent Chanel exhibition at Bergdorf Goodman, and the praises sung of Mr. Lagerfeld’s barn-themed runway. And now, an authorized biography detailing the house’s legendary scent, Story of Chanel No. 5, A Timeless Number, is to be released later this month in Europe.

The perfume, which was introduced in 1921, has become an icon of the twentieth century after being created by Coco herself along with Ernest Beaux. The book will cover the scent’s creation, the source of its immortal name, the designing of its bottle, and turning points in the lives of the two creators. The French Society of Perfumers and the House of Chanel were consulted for the biography, with the latter providing 32 illustrations and photographs.