How Chanel Iman’s Adjusting Her Self-Care Routine During Pregnancy

How Chanel Iman’s Adjusting Her Self-Care Routine During Pregnancy
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For a world-famous model with access to the most exclusive and expensive products, Chanel Iman is surprisingly no-frills: her go-tos include a lip balm you probably have in your purse right now, a tried-and-true drugstore moisturizer, and a solid mattress on which she can get a deep sleep. What’s more, her idea of happiness is a date night with husband, New York Giants wide receiver Sterling Shepard, or watching “Prison Break” while chilling at home.

The expecting model is equally relaxed in her approach to pregnancy. “I’m not the kind of mom who’s at the gym six months pregnant,” she says. Instead, she finds balance by living an organized life and eating three square meals a day. But don’t mistake Iman’s chill AF routine for one that’s basic. Those healthy meals she loves to eat are mostly prepared by a professional chef.

In her own words, the model and mom-to-be shares her approach toward simple and effective downtime— with a splash of glamour thrown in.

If you energize your day looking forward to what the world has to offer, your day will make you smile.

Self-Care From the Inside Out

To me self-care and wellness are not just about my hair, body, and skin; but most importantly, it’s about my mind-set. What you feed your spirit is what guides you. Staying positive and on top of the regimens that keep you shining is what will keep you confident that your self-care is working. If you wake up with a blah attitude, your day will be blah. But if you energize your day looking forward to what the world has to offer, your day will make you smile.

With a busy schedule most of the time, self-care may seem like there is no time. The truth is, it doesn’t take much time once you implement it into a routine you can count on. Keep it simple—and when you do have a little extra time, add an hour or so to include additional pampering like spa time or an extra workout.

 I’m not the mom that goes to the gym at six months pregnant.

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Staying Active Outside the Gym

I used to work out with a trainer consistently, but now that I’m pregnant, I pretty much do my own thing, slowing it down a bit. When Sterling is working out for training camp, I take the time to get mine in too by doing lots of squats. Since I’m not working out in a gym every day like I normally would, I’ll go on a long walk or just walk instead of getting an Uber.  I’m not the mom that goes to the gym at six months pregnant. I prefer to stay active and stay busy and that’s a workout on its own. After the baby, I will definitely get back to an intense regimen, but eating well is what’s most important for me right now.

Washing my face and putting on moisturizer is enough. It’s easy for me to take care of my skin.

Health-Conscious Eating

For me, I work [self-care] in by eating very healthy every day, three times a day. I’ll have a healthy breakfast, lunch, then a nice dinner. I grew up on soul food, and that used to be my favorite, but as much as I love those foods, I’ve become a little more health-conscious. Now, I gear more toward healthy dishes like steamed vegetables and healthy delicious salads.

We have a chef Monday through Friday, and he’s been making vegan and veggie-based meals that are so well seasoned, they taste exactly like meat. We’ll have a vegan meal about once a week. That’s something new for me. I’m not vegetarian at all, but I’m now open to having nice healthy vegan meals. I also like to eat a salad before the meals he serves. He makes really good avocado salad, watermelon salads — just a mix of lots veggies and proteins.

‘Less Is More’ Beauty

As far as skin care goes, I’m very simple with the products that I use. I wash my face every day with Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel and moisturize my face with Ponds Facial Moisturizer. Even my makeup artist is surprised that I use Ponds for moisturizer. I carry Rosebud Perfume Company Rosebud Salve in my purse every day. I’m not into big products and stuff like that. For me, washing my face and putting on moisturizer is enough. It’s easy for me to take care of my skin.

The other thing I do for my skin is put on my New Era Cap to protect my face when I go out in the sun to keeping it healthy and glowing. I’ve been wearing the brand forever and would wear the hats to games before I started working with the company. I’m so grateful to work with them—it’s something that my whole family can wear and a way for me to support my husband in style. Most of the time I wear the New Era Cap New York Giants Fitted Cap or New Era Cap New York Giants Cuff Knit beanie, depending on how the weather. If I’m traveling in the airport, I wear the New Era Cap New York Yankees Fitted Cap. Those are the hats I wear the most. Most days after a shower and basic care, I like to treat my skin with coconut oil, brush my hair with Rene Furterer Karité Nutri Repairing Serum and put on clothes that uplift me and are super comfy.

Avoiding Messes

I keep my closet organized and clutter free so I’m not overwhelmed by a mess. It makes it easy to find just the right thing to wear for the day, in addition to my shoe closet, all my sneakers are in boxes, marked with a picture of the shoe so I know what’s in each box. My jeans, accessories, hats, and workout gear are all organized for easy access. I love my putting on great workout pieces, a New Era Cap and head out the door.

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Quality Hubby Time

At the end of the day, I like to take time to take a nice, warm bath and really make sure my face is clean. Nighttime is the time where I set a little time aside each day. Otherwise, when my schedule slows down and I have some down time, it gives me great joy to take this time to really pamper myself with trying out new products, a new recipe, sitting back, and relaxing with my husband and look at a movie or binge on a show.

My husband and I were into “Prison Break” for a long time. We were kind of late on that, but we finished it. We were also into “13 Reasons Why” for a second, though we didn’t finish it. We randomly go to movie theaters on a date and watch whatever’s out that’s really good. We loved “Black Panther.”

Bedtime Staples

I’m really into things that help me relax … my mother-in-law bought me an amazing Pregnancy Pillow that wraps around my body. You can cuddle with it and it just helps with my back and sleeping throughout the night. We have an amazing mattress, an Organic Naturepedic Mattress—that’s key. My husband plays sports, and a [good] mattress is very helpful for both of us [in terms of our professions]. The last thing we need is a bad mattress.