Hair Chalking: We Tested Out the New Color-Craze

Rachel Adler
Hair Chalking: We Tested Out the New Color-Craze
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We’ve had quite a few “colorful” hair trends over the past few months, from ombre to dip-dye to neon strands. Now, many people are going the extra step and finding new ways to get colored strands on the cheap.

Hair chalking has taken the YouTube world by storm, with DIY videos for how to use “chalk” to add a touch of color to your hair. Well, we of course had to try out the method, so we took to the StyleCaster studios for a bit of DIY. See the results above (and some lessons and takeaways…)

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Hair chalking doesn't consist of actual sidewalk chalk -- use soft pastels from your local arts and crafts store, such as Schmincke Soft Pastels ($4.39 at your local store).

Wet a strand of your hair and then trace the chalk downwards on the strand (keeping the wet paper towel beneath your strand of hair to lessen the amount of staining that will result on your hands!)

Continue around your head, alternating colors if you'd like.

We chose to apply the chalk to multiple people in our office to test it to the best of our ability (OBVIOUSLY). A few things we learned: chalk dries out your hair leaving it feeling a bit straw-like; stains your hands but doesn't stain your clothes (once dry); makes quite a mess on the floor if you drop it; but ultimately gives you the color you desire (on any hair color).

For the last step, you need to set the color in with heat to ensure it stays -- it should stay put for one or two days (pretty much until you wash it out). All in all, I'd recommend the chalk for a costume party or a fun night out, but wouldn't do it regularly. As in, I'm definitely going to have to use a deep conditioner after this one...

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