Proof That a Center Part Can Totally Transform Your Look

We’re firm believers that even the most seemingly insignificant change to your beauty routine can have an enormous impact on your overall look. Think of this approach as the indecisive girl’s makeover cheat—you can try it one day and return to your old look the next, no commitment necessary. Our favorite example as of late is the center part, a ’90s hair staple that’s come out in full force on the red carpet recently. Don’t believe us when we say that this subtle switch-up can overhaul your entire look? See for yourself! These 8 celebrity makeovers serve as a testament to the center part’s transformative properties.

Holland Roden proved that, when worn with a center part as opposed to being swept to the side, tousled hair takes on an effect that’s a little more structured and less “bedhead.”

Holland Roden

Photo: Getty Images

Because it visually separates the face into two symmetrical halves, a center part will exaggerate your face shape and make it appear more dramatic. As you can see, Chloë Grace Moretz‘s face looks much more heart-shaped with the contrast of a center part as opposed to a part that’s less precise.

Chloe Grace Moretz

Photo: Getty Images

The center part has a tendency to create flatness at the roots, which may be disadvantageous for the volume-lovers among us, but Jessica Alba used the texture as a “tool” to tame disheveled beach waves and give them a bit more structure.

Jessica Alba

Photo: Getty Images

A center part brings emphasis to the top of the face—which, in Shay Mitchell‘s case, showcases her gorgeous full brows.

Shay Mitchell

Photo: Getty Images

To part or not to part? Eva Longoria wore essentially the same hairstyle on two occasions but changed up her part, so you can really see just how much of a difference it makes. The center part draws more of the focus to her eyes, highlighting her signature smoky shadow.

Eva Longoria

Photo: Getty Images

A two-second trick to camouflage grown-in roots—flip your hair into a deep side part. Diane Kruger’s center part, on the other hand, highlights her dark roots … which may have been intentional, considering the fact that dark roots have become a “trend.” If that’s what it takes to free us from the shackles of the salon chair, then we’re all for it.

Diane Kruger

Photo: Getty Images

For someone like Jennifer Morrison, who has very strong bone structure and a square-shaped face, the center part downplays the forehead by pulling the hair down flat against the head.

Jennifer Morrison

Photo: Getty Images

Jennifer Aniston is known for her long, healthy hair, and nothing highlights that sleekness better than a center part.

Jennifer Aniston

Photo: Getty Images

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