Are These Celebs’ Blue Hues Getting You Down?

Amanda Elser

We’ve talked ad nauseam about trending hair colors for spring. From pink to lavender, we’re loving most of these spring shades. But when it comes to this vibrant blue hue we have mixed reactions. A part of us loves the bold color and its shine factor, but at the same time a color this bright can come off a little “clownish” (if you know what we mean).

Katy Perry has been donning these neon locks for about a month now, and while we thought she was getting back on the straight and narrow, her divorce seemed to plummet her into a bucket of hair dye. We think if anyone can pull off this look it’s Perry, but aren’t her strands fried by now?

Hart of Dixie sweetheart Jaime King debuted her dip-dyed blue locks over the weekend. And while we admire her for going outside her comfort zone, we wonder if the blue ends are a bit too harsh next to her blonde roots.

So we’re leaving it up to you. What do you think of this electric-blue color? Is this a hair trend you’re eager to try out or are you going to stick to pastels this spring?

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