Celebrity Workout DVDs Worth a Watch

Shannon Farrell

Celebrities not only venture into the world of beauty and fashion, but fitness as well. Back in the ’80s, Jane Fonda started it all with a slew of fitness DVDs. In recent years, many celebs have followed suit. We may not have access to their personal trainers, but we can pop in a couple celebrity workout DVDs to get svelte like these stars.

Carmen Electra
No surprise here — the actress’ video, Carmen Electra’s Aerobic Striptease Collection, included a series of stripper-inspired exercises. The former dancer also explains that the workout can double as practice for the bedroom.

Kim Kardashian
Want a butt like Kim K’s? Check out her Kim Kardashian: Fit in Your Jeans by Friday: Ultimate Butt Body Sculpt from 2009. We promise it’s much better than her short-lived foray into the music industry.

Bethenny Frankel
Everyone wanted to know the secret to Bethenny’s quick weight loss after having a baby. Body by Bethenny with Bethenny Frankel from 2010 is a collaboration with celebrity trainer Kristin McGee, demonstrating how to lose pounds fast — with flow yoga, arm weights and a 5-minute booty blast for glutes. Then a year later, she released Bethenny’s SkinnyGirl Workout, an addition to her SkinnyGirl line. The DVD includes a mix of 20- to 30-minute yoga routines that are perfect for beginners.

Geri Halliwell
The former Spice Girl released a yoga DVD, Geri Body Yoga, in 2006 based on her love for the practice. If you decide to watch it, don’t follow Geri. She does her own thing throughout, never listening to instructor Katy Appleton. However, her banter is worth a watch.

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