Celebrity Hair Heist: Anna Kendrick

Megan McIntyre

With her recent Oscar nomination, Anna Kendrick has cemented her position as the latest Hollywood It Girl. In addition to holding her own alongside George Clooney in Up In The Air and stealing scenes from her star-crossed co-stars in The Twilight Saga: New Moon, the talented actress is also blessed with gorgeous good looks, a sassy sense of humor and a to-die-for lineup of red carpet gowns at her fingertips.


Anna has a terrific sense of style, so we expect the young star to really bring it on the red carpet. Instead we’ve seen the same array of wide-eyed ingenue looks: Softly tendriled updos, shimmery eye makeup and rosy lips.


With the Oscars looming, we thought we’d give Anna a red carpet makeover to try and help her wow on her big night. We put her photo in the Makeover Studio to try on a few looks that we think will give her a bit more of a beauty oomph.


We love Kate Hudson‘s glam lob on Anna because it looks sophisticated and chic, but has an air of youthfulness to it that keeps it from looking old-fashioned. And since it’s just an amped-up version of her current style, it would be easy for her to adopt without feeling uncomfortable.


The tousled layered look is an old standby for many up-and-coming starlets and for good reason: The style works on almost every face shape and adds instant sex appeal. We’d like to see Anna show off her sultry side with a boudoir-inspired coif like Jennifer Aniston‘s. She may be an Oscar nominee, but that doesn’t mean she can’t cut loose and let her hair down.


If Anna really wanted to step up her game on the Oscars red carpet, we think Mary Elizabeth Winstead‘s ├╝ber-trendy bob would be a good place to start. The short style is equal parts edgy and sleek and will help her shed her “pretty” reputation in favor of a more fashion-forward, avant-garde persona. Hey, it worked for Rihanna

Which look do you think looks best on Anna? Tell us in the comments!

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