Chrissy Teigen’s New Spine Tattoo Is a Love Letter to John Legend

Chrissy Teigen’s New Spine Tattoo Is a Love Letter to John Legend
Photo: AP Images.

Tattoo artists are in high demand these days. More and more people are choosing to get a design, someone’s name, or even something totally random that really means nothing to them emblazoned on their body with ink. And it should come as no surprise that celebrity tattoos are a big business and even inspire others to get some ink of their own.

When a star gets a new tattoo, the Internet goes wild. Take for instance when Cara Delevingne got her first—a lion on her finger—we all wanted to know where she did it. We quickly found out that it was done by Bang Bang, the famed New York-based artist responsible for many of the diverse pieces of body art found on Rihanna and Justin Bieber—two serious tattoo aficionados.

Many unlikely celebs choose to get tagged as well—in fact, you may be surprised to learn a few of the stars who have strategically hidden ink. But lately, celebs are just revealing the ink themselves, showing off their backs, hips and ribcages and tagging the now-famous artists. Let these celebrity tattoos inspire your next ink.

Chrissy Teigen

Most, if not all, of Teigen’s tattoos have an emotional meaning and this new one is no different. Artist Winter Stone inked the title of John Legend’s new song, “Ooh Laa,” down Teigen’s spine. The couple joked they played it in the bedroom on repeat.

Kaia Gerber

The siblings that ink together stay together? The model and her brother Presley Gerber did just that at Evan Tattoo in NYC. Kaia got the sweetest black flowers on her inside wrist.

Ashley Benson

The actress has a ton of cute snack-inspired tattoos, including a milkshake and this one that reads POMMES FRITES.

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