Tiny Tattoos Are the Celebrity Beauty Trend That’ll Never Go Out of Style

Tiny Tattoos Are the Celebrity Beauty Trend That’ll Never Go Out of Style
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Though temporary stickers and markers are currently taking their place atop the festival beauty totem pole, I’m partial to the more permanent type of ink. And if the most memorable celebrity tattoos of 2019 (so far) are any indication, all of the friend-in-my-head A-listers feel the same way. More specifically, they literally can’t stop getting teeny tiny designs and showing them off on my Instagram feed. Ugh, the pressure; make it stop!

Beauty trends are constantly rotating in and out of the public conscious, but dainty and delicate-looking tattoos are clearly never going out of style. Understandably so, they’re easy to cover up when necessary, but still stand out when left in their natural element. And with the right lighting and angles, they’re Instagrammable enough for people like me to contemplate a similar design and actually go through with it. So if you’re also in a constant search for inspo (or something cool to screenshot), here the coolest ink jobs of the year to date.

In early April, Chrissy Teigen and John Legend gave us all the feels with a matching tattoo tribute to their family; all names included.

In March, Selena Gomez revealed a delicate tattoo along her foot that reads “sunshine.” Many fans think the inspiration behind it is her grandmother whom she’s referred to as her “sunshine” in the past.

Back in March, Mrs. Bieber hit up her go-to tattoo artist JonBoy for yet another design. This time, it was a teeny diamond that many believe is a tribute to her hubby’s album Purpose.

In February, Halsey surprised us all with a medium-sized and sort-of breathtaking rendering of Marilyn Manson’s face on her rib cage.

In the midst of her dizzying press tour for A Star is Born, Lady Gaga turned her back on us to reveal a gorgeous “La Vie En Rose”-inspired drawing down her spine. Many think it’s actually a tribute to Bradley Cooper and their award-winning film.

In April, actress and TV host Busy Phillipps got what we’re all secretly thinking on her foot. So badass.

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Demi Lovato’s tribute to her late dog Buddy in January gave us all the feels.

Paris Jackson’s got over 50 tattoos and her latest, unveiled in late January, is a tribute to Led Zeppelin.

In February, a simple “baby” was etched onto Zoe Kravitz’s gorgeous neck.

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We could barely keep up with Ariana Grande’s ink jobs in 2018 and this year, she’s already off to the races. In January, she got “let’s sing” in Japanese on her arm.

Another January update? This adorable portrait of Pikachu on the “Thank U, Next” singer’s other arm.