Celebrity Plastic Surgeries Gone Right

Rachel Adler

We can all easily list off the top of our heads countless celebrity plastic surgeries that have gone wrong (eh hem, Heidi Montag, Lisa Rinna, LiLo) but the number that have gone right are a bit harder to come up with. Although we aren’t by any means advocating plastic surgery, we must admit that the starlets below made some changes to their bods (or rumoured changes) that have definitely helped their appearance – and seemingly their careers.

Let us know if you agree with our list, or if you have any additions!

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Kate Hudson started off as a proudly flat-chested golden girl (and was doing well in her own right), but then added a little something to her chest without going overboard. We like you both ways Kate, and are glad you didn’t go with double F’s her career and love life is still doing quite well.

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Ashlee Simpson is very well known for having her nose “fixed” in 2006, denying it at first until father Joe confirmed the pretty obvious change. But oddly enough, her transformation since that date is more jarring the weight loss and the hair change make her look like an entirely new person. Simpson may not be as lucky in career as the others, but she seems to be less of a lost soul now as she was then.

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The Gossip Girl star was rumored to have had a nose job before the show began filming and many think she had a boob job as well. What say you? All we can say is this lady’s luck never seems to run out – hit show, Chanel deal, and movies…not a bad life.

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Transformers star Megan Fox is certainly not afraid of the needle, and had a nose job to apparently make sure there wasn’t a single imperfection left on that hot bod. It looks like everyone has some sort of insecurity!

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Tween queen Ashley Tisdale caused a tabloid frenzy when she had a rhinoplasty for a deviated septum. The Disney star came out the other side looking fabulous and has grown into her brand new nose quite well.