9 Sweat-Breaking Workout Moves Celebrity Personal Trainers Swear By

9 Sweat-Breaking Workout Moves Celebrity Personal Trainers Swear By
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One of the hardest parts of working out (after getting up and going to the gym, of course) is figuring out what to do. There are hundreds of workout moves out there, but which ones actually work? We’ll let stars like Kate HudsonKhloé Kardashian, Ariel Winter, and Lea Michele tell you. Though what you do really depends on your body and your focus areas, these celebrities (and their personal trainers) are doing something right if their exercise Instagram posts are coveted by legions of fitness enthusiasts out there.

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To find out what A-listers do exactly to get into tip-top shape, we rounded up nine sweat-breaking moves for you to try out. Whether you want legs like Jennifer Aniston or an ass like a Kardashian, the best of the best celebrity personal trainers have you covered. Check out the workout moves celebrity personal trainers swear by, ahead.

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Emma Stone — Wall Pushes and Knee Raises

To play a tennis player in "Battle of the Sexes," Emma Stone gained 15 pounds of muscle. Though the bulk of that can be attributed to her badass deadlifting, her trainer, Jason Walsh (who whipped her into shape for the film), has an all-body workout that doesn't require any equipment.

Walsh revealed the move to Glamour. You begin by putting your hands on a wall and walking backward until you're in a plank position. Then, you bring your knee to your chest while pushing onto the wall and keeping your other leg straight. Alternate knees every 30 seconds and try to go for 10 rounds. Afterward, you should feel as adrenaline-pumped as a tennis player after a heated match.

Lea Michele — Barre Leg Lifts

To tone her booty, Lea Michele swears by her barre leg lifts, a workout she learned from her trainer, Erin Romney, who explained the workout to Health. The move begins with you placing your hands on a barre or another study object (like a chair) that's about hip-height. Then, walk backward until you can bend at the hip into a 90-degree angle.

After that, squeeze in your abs and butt and raise your right leg so that it's parallel to the floor. Then, you're going to cross your right leg behind your left and tap the toes on the floor. Return your right leg back to the parallel position and repeat the process for 2 minutes, then switch legs. (See Health's demonstration, here.)

"This move is great because it doesn't add bulk," Romney said. "It actually slims down and tones, thanks to the high reps and using gravity as your weight.


Khloé Kardashian — Bulgarian Split Squats

Given that she has a show dedicated to building your "Revenge Body," Khloé Kardashian likely has a lot of moves she swears by. But one she's known to Instagram frequently are her Bulgarian split squats, which she learned from her trainer, Gunnar Peterson. (Peterson has also trained Khloé's sister, Kim, and stars like Jennifer Lopez.)

"Khloe’s work ethic is second to none. There’s no such thing as quit in her world," Peterson told Women's Health.

The move begins with you standing approximately two feet in front of a step, according to a tutorial on Women's Health. Then, move your right leg back and put your foot on the step while placing your hands on your hips. After, bend your knees and lower your body as far as you can while keeping your shoulders and chest straight and upright. Use your left heel to push you back to the starting position and repeat for 30 seconds before switching sides.

Kate Hudson — Cadillac Roll Up

With the success of her activewear brand, Fabletics, Kate Hudson knows a thing or two about staying in shape. Hudson's longtime trainer, Nicole Stuart, spoke to Women's Health about one of her go-to moves.

The move begins with Hudson lying flat on her back on a cadillac (a pilates contraption) and gripping a bar. Slowly, she rolls up one vertebrae at a time and stretches forward by using her core muscles instead of her arms. After, with the same level of control, she slowly rolls down. Stuart touts the beginner's move not only for its ab-tightening qualities, but also as a way to improve her clients' posture.

"This is really good for people with a stiff spine, but also if you're just stiff in general. It warms up your spine, as you roll back, articulating one vertebra at a time, lengthening out and stretching your spine," she said.

Ariel Winter — Glute-Toning Deadlifts

Ariel Winter's booty is envied by many, and earlier this year, she revealed the go-to move she uses to work it out. Winter impressed fans when she posted a video of her deadlifting some weights with her trainer, Mack Fit.

According to Tony Gentilcore, who spoke to SELF, deadlifting (at its core, picking something off the floor and putting it down) is one of the best ways to work out your glutes and hamstrings and tone your butt and thighs.

"A lot of people forget they do deadlifts in everyday life, whether they're picking up a child during the day or carrying groceries," Gentilcore said. "The benefit of the deadlift is then that it carries over to those real life activities, and if it's done correctly, it's a great way of building resiliency in the body. If you're training to get stronger or add muscle to your frame, it's a great exercise in that regard, too."


Megan Fox — Single-Leg Dead Lift

If you're aspiring for a Megan Fox-shaped booty, her trainer, Harley Pasternak, recommends single-leg dead lifts. Pasternak spoke to Glamour about the move, which begins with you standing on your left leg—your knees bent slightly—with two 8-pound weights in your hands. Then, lift your right leg to form a 90-degree angle, while keeping your spine straight so it's parallel to your right leg. After, return to your original position, but try to avoid touching your right leg on the floor. After 20 reps, switch legs.

"This move targets the back of your thighs, starting from the back of your knees and running all the way up to your butt," Pasternak said.

Heidi Klum — Side-Step

To whip herself into runway shape, Heidi Klum sought the help of celebrity trainer, Andrea Orbeck, whose signature side-step worked out the model's butt and thighs.

According to Shape, who spoke to Orbeck, the simple move begins with your feet together and your hands clasped to your chest. Then, push off with your left foot and hop to the right. Immediately, repeat in the opposite direction and continue jumping from side-to-side for two minutes.

Victoria Beckham — Pull-and-Lift Arabesque

To strengthen her abs and butt, Victoria Beckham swears by trainer Tracy Anderson's pull-and-lift arabesque. Anderson demonstrated the move to Health. It begins with you starting on your hands and knees. Then, lift your left leg while keeping your knee bent and pulse up and down. Afterward, Anderson instructs to "pull left knee in toward left shoulder; extend leg out as you lift hands off floor, reaching right arm forward and up and pulling left elbow back. Then, return to the starting position and repeat.

"This move is great for strengthening your abs and butt," Anderson said. (See the demonstration, here.)


Jennifer Aniston — Back Lunge with Knee Raise and Leg Extension

According to celebrity trainer, Seven Boggs, the trick for Jennifer Aniston's legs is a back lunge with knee raises and leg extensions. Boggs explained the move to Glamour.

The move begins with a chair placed on your right side and you standing with your feet about 1 inch apart, holding on to the back of the chair with your right arm. Then, take a step back with your left leg and bend it into a 90-degree angle, so your knee appears to be hovering above the ground.

After, Boggs explained to "lift the left knee up toward your chest" and from the chest position, "extend your left leg back fully behind you," while holding your foot at hip level and flexing your glutes. Then, "bring the knee back to your chest and lunge back down." Boggs recommends 10 to 12 reps per leg and a goal of three to four sets.

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  • Emma Stone — Wall Pushes and Knee Raises
  • Lea Michele — Barre Leg Lifts
  • Khloé Kardashian — Bulgarian Split Squats
  • Kate Hudson — Cadillac Roll Up
  • Ariel Winter — Glute-Toning Deadlifts
  • Megan Fox — Single-Leg Dead Lift
  • Heidi Klum — Side-Step
  • Victoria Beckham — Pull-and-Lift Arabesque
  • Jennifer Aniston — Back Lunge with Knee Raise and Leg Extension