7 Celebrities Who Have Rocked Green Hair

Rachel Krause
7 Celebrities Who Have Rocked Green Hair
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Celebrities love a good Crayola hair color. (We do, too, but we have to submit to the values of the real world. Also, we don't have a personal hairstylist on speed dial.) As evidenced by Katy Perry's "slime green" switchup, green hair is replacing pink as the crazy colorĀ du jour. Don't believe us? Check out these 8 stars who have all gone for the green.

Nicki Minaj
Nicki is a well-documented lover of wigs, which means she didn't make much of a commitment to achieve this neon teal shade.

Lauren Conrad
The former reality star went the subtle route with seafoam "highlights," and we love the resulting look.

Lady Gaga
The queen of weird sported bright blue-green hair... along with a bunch of other things we aren't so sure of.

Azealia Banks
On people with naturally dark hair, a dark, muddy green like this actually looks believable, as far as green hair goes.

Mae Whitman
A flash of emerald green in Mae's bangs and the underside of her hair creates a cool peacock-esque look.

Lourdes Leon
Madonna's daughter took to Instagram to document green streaks around her hairline.

Avril Lavigne
No surprise here: the early 2000s punk princess has been known to take multicolored streaks for a spin.

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