9 Celebrities Demonstrate the Power of a Bold Haircut

There’s nothing wrong with having a signature haircut—Jennifer Aniston is clear proof of that. Every season has us pining to try something new, and yet we always request the same trim. (And layers and bangs do not count as a bold change). Instead of keeping it safe this fall, we’re following in the footsteps of our hair crushes who aren’t afraid to try something new. Whether it be a drastic cut or a bold move for their personal style, they’ve inspired us to pick up the scissors.

Emma Stone
For those with a feminine style like Stone’s, don’t be afraid to try a textured bob. Because the actress kept her bangs soft and sideswept, the edgier cut was still fitting.


Lily Collins
Karlie Kloss may be credited with starting the long bob craze, but our thanks goes to Collins. Her textured lob (which we’re still trying to replicate) gave her a maturity well beyond her years.


Charlize Theron
Even before Theron buzzed off her hair, we swore she was so beautiful she’d even look good bald. And sure enough, she does. What the bold cut also reiterated? Short hair looks best on long or oval face shapes.


Miley Cyrus
You don’t have to twerk to work the side-shaved pixie. Yes, Miley’s cut was the missing piece to her new style, but it also compliments her pronounced heart-shaped face.


Kaley Cuoco
“The Big Bang Theory” actress has always had a tomboyish style. It was about time she went for the pixie.


Jennifer Lawrence
The actress’ over-styled hair was so damaged, she was forced to go short—pixie short. While the cut wasn’t her best look, it proved that taking a chance can have a great outcome. Now she sports a healthy layered bob that looks amazing on her.


Mindy Kaling
Kaling’s cut may not appear too bold, but round-faced ladies, take note. You can pull off a long bob. Just make sure to frame the face with layers.


Taylor Swift
Her bangs may have become part of her signature look, but that wasn’t always the case. While curly-haired girls have always strayed from bangs, Swift showed the impossible is, in fact, possible. No bangs have ever been bolder.


Kate Mara
Asymmetrical can be pretty. Just look at Mara’s choppy bob.


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