Just 16 Bare-Faced Celebs That Inspire Us to Put Down the Makeup Brushes

Just 16 Bare-Faced Celebs That Inspire Us to Put Down the Makeup Brushes
Photo: Instagram/@elsahosk.

We’re in the midst of an era where social media platforms block out real beauty in the same way polluted air blocks our pores. We slurp up hours of screen time just to praise Instagram’s cult of beautifully glorified people. Inching closer to the end of the twenty-tens and entering into a brand-new decade, a group of leading ladies has decided to step up to the plate and blow away all of Instagram’s surface-level habits with their natural beauty superpowers. Just as the clog footwear trend died alongside the 1970s, celebrity trendsetters are ditching the Barbie look in order to break beauty barriers for an àl naturàl future.

With my trend radar on full throttle, I’ve unmasked a team of makeup-free celebrities who shamelessly embrace the most organic version of themselves while defining the future. As we applaud these beauty icons for looking like a breath of fresh air while keeping it totally granola, this is a timeline that’s actually worth your precious screen time. We’re about to snap out of our materialistic habits as we follow these celebrities into a reconstructed world of beauty that is filled with simplicity, self-care, and clean skin.

Bella Thorne

Thorne is undoubtedly the leader of the natural vibe tribe—her entire image aims to campaign a lifestyle full of embracing the female body and all things natural.

Vanessa Hudgens

Hudgens was recently included in People’s 2019 most beautiful list. The star is notorious for always showing her true colors by maintaining an organic look.

Jackie Cruz

The actress exemplifies raw beauty in her everyday life by keeping it natural yet spicy, proving to the world that natural doesn’t mean boring.

Cindy Crawford

Crawford always tends to keep her looks light while still making a statement—her healthy skin encourages her natural glow even while wearing a grey hoodie.

Laverne Cox

Cox shows us how it’s done by being a total stunner fresh out of the shower.

Cameron Diaz

Diaz is iconic for her super clean and classy vibe. She allows her natural blessings of bright blue eyes and tan skin to speak for her day-to-day looks.

Chrissy Teigen

The beloved Chrissy Teigen is admired for her down-to-earth aura. She keeps it light and fresh, letting out a healthy glow.

Lady Gaga

The icon and legend took everyone’s breathes away after going completely neutral while starring in Bradley Cooper’s A Star Is Born. Her fanbase expanded even more after taking off the Gaga costume and introducing us to her other side.


This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Rihanna exemplify a total beach babe as she really soaks up that Vitamin D by going make-up free.

Bella Hadid

Wet hair, don’t care–the supermodel has never looked better while ditching Coachella for a relaxing weekend filled with clean skin, beaches, and jet skiing in the tropics.


The golden girl hasn’t lost her youthful glow. Zendaya looks like a walking ray of sunshine with a make-up free face and untouched hair.

Emily Ratajkowski

Emrata was just born with all of the natural goodies. She’s known for always looking like a 10 while maintaining a super laidback and natural style.


From whipping around her natural curls on tour to showing off her organically radiant skin at the beach—Queen B is the ultimate àl naturàl glamour girl.

Jennifer Lopez

J.Lo is envied for her perfect skin and natural glow–she always shows pride in her own skin by rocking a neutral look and regularly going make-up free.

Jennifer Aniston

Keeping it natural has seriously worked wonders on the 50-year-old icon. I’m convinced that her commitment to a simple, organic, and elegant lifestyle has allowed her looks to defy time.

Jourdan Dunn

The model and actress knows how to shamelessly pull off an easy, breezy look–making her a straight vibe.