Celebrities With Purple Hair: A Complete Guide

Taylor Post

If it wasn’t already obvious, purple is officially the “It” hair color right now. The pastel lilac hue has caught on, and it seems like it’ll be here to stay until each and every star has had her chance with the trend. From singers like Demi Lovato to fashion icons like Nicole Richie, Hollywood is being taken over with purple tresses. New stars are debuting their purple hair seemingly every day, and to keep up with the ever-evolving trend, we’ve put together a guide to the pastel-haired ladies, below.

anna Celebrities With Purple Hair: A Complete Guide

@Annapaquin Twitter

The most recent A-lister to join the purple hair club is Anna Paquin. This Canadian-born actress has been seen with dark browns to light blonde and anything in between, but thanks to colorist Aura Friedman of Sally Hershberger Salon, Anna is officially part of the purple (and blue!) team.

kesha Celebrities With Purple Hair: A Complete Guide

@Isswhoiss Instagram

Ke$ha, who always has a crazy new ‘do, actually looks relatively reserved with lavender hair. In the past, the pop singer has had everything from one side pink and the other blue, to all over rainbow hair. We like this feminine look on her.

Debby Ryan

@Debbyryan Instagram

A natural born redhead, Debby Ryan shocked us all when she posted a picture of her hair bleached completely white. Not too long after, the Disney star opted out of a day at the hair salon and decided to use grape Kool-aid to dip dye her ends a sweet purple.

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nrich Celebrities With Purple Hair: A Complete Guide

@Nicolerichie Instagram

Nicole Richie seems to be the star that started all of the recent excitement over purple hair. After seeing her lilac hair everywhere from the cover of a magazine to our Instagram feed, the purple hair trend has been blowing up. Since the jump into the wonderful world of bright hair colors, Nicole’s also gone blue, which makes us wonder whether that will be the next hue for the rest of the world.

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Ireland Baldwin

@Irelandbbaldwin Instagram

Ireland Baldwin, a natural blonde, toned her hair several different shades on the purple spectrum adding a new dimension to lavender hair. The model has since switched her hair to turquoise and back to blonde again, but we’re still partial to the lilac seen here.

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Demi Lovato

@Ddlovato Instagram

Demi Lovato has tried on various fun hair colors. Now, former pinks, blues and reds have all been changed out for two fantastic shades of purple. The natural brunette kept the top few inches of her hair brown, creating gorgeous ombre effect.