You’ll Never Guess What Brigitte Bardot’s Hair Secret Was!

Amanda Elser

One of the most idolized beauties of the century, Brigitte Bardot was famous for a lot of things. But besides her full lips, winged eye liner and curvy body we adored her for her voluminous blonde hair and the mod way she styled it. We’ve always wondered what was the secret behind her texturedfront pieces, so when our favorite Oribe hairstylist Adam Livermore dished on an industry secret we couldn’t wait to tell you!

Apparently, Oribe himself had been doing a lot of research on the famous starlet when he uncovered a disturbing yet witty detail about her hair regime – she used spit. Yes, that is right. This French beauty used her own saliva to style her hair on the reg. She apparently applied spit to the longer pieces of hair that frame her head. She would then twirl them and pull them back tight behind her ear where she would then let them dry and pull them out to reveal the unmistakable signature curl.

Clever? Perhaps, but we still recommend a styling cream to achieve almost the same effect.