Weather Messing Up Your ‘Do? Get Inspired by These Celebs

Weather Messing Up Your ‘Do? Get Inspired by These Celebs
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As we move from fall to winter, not only does it get harder to get out of bed and drag yourself outside, but styling your hair gets trickier too. With rain, sleet, and wind wreaking havoc upon your hairdo, it can be very tempting to put your hair up in the same boring ponytail everyday. Instead, let our slideshow of celebrities inspire you — see who you have similar hair to, and try something new the next time bad weather strikes.

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Whether they are thin or thick, twisted or braided, and with her hair up or down, Lauren always makes sure to pull the front two pieces of her long blond locks back to better show off her gorgeous green eyes and ever-present winged cat-eye liner. We think this look will be great for blustery days when you want your hair out of your face.

When you have as much drama in your life as Kim does, your hair is the last thing you want to worry about. Thick, one-length, straight hair like Kim's can just be too much in super windy weather. To get it up out of your face, slick it back as tight as you can in a top knot at the very crown of your skull. Use gel and hairspray to get every piece up there, and tightly twist and pin to your scalp. The effect is very sophisticated and slimming... not to mention shows off your favorite earrings or an intricate neckline perfectly.

Jessica's romantic chignons, accented with tiny french braids, have become almost as signature as her megawatt smile. We love how she works with the natural curly texture of her hair to create these looks instead of battling with it. While she normally is seen rocking updos like this on the red carpet, we think a little french braid is a classic to jazz up any everyday look — while also keeping hair out of your way on a windy day.

Got super curly ringlets like Taylor? In bad, wet weather, there's no hope for your blowout. Skip the straightener and pin up your curls in a loose updo, like Taylor often does on the red carpet. A brightly colored knit beanie is so cute, no one will suspect you're wearing it to cover a bad hair day. Plus, it will keep you warm and toasty. Adorable!

The best part about a low side braid? Anyone can do it, no matter their hair type or texture! Experiment with different kinds: tight or loose, french or fishtail, messy or neat — there's a ton of ways to wear this look. It looks just as good dressed up at a fancy party as running errands in your sweats. Just remember that the windier the weather, the tighter you're gonna want the hold on that braid to be. Spritz it with hairspray for extra good measure if conditions are really rough.

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