We Round Up Our Fave Redheads Who Weren’t Born This Way

We Round Up Our Fave Redheads Who Weren’t Born This Way
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Blondes have more fun, brunettes are smarter, and redheads are just called gingers (so not cool, b-t-dubbs). It seems totally unfair that in 2011, especially with the demands of hot colors for this summer, redheads just aren’t getting enough love.

With the newly crowned Miss USA drawing attention with her fabulous (bottled) red locks, more and more celebrities are taking advantage of the lull in reds and are all heading to the salon in hopes of becoming the next Julia Roberts. These girls definitely know what they are doing, just look at how many of them are on the covers of magazines!

With a handful of celebrities becoming more well-known and successful once they maroon their mane, not everyone who tries it has as much luck. Katy Perry is the newest member of the group to dye her hair red and although it looks super sweet,we think she pulls off the blue hair much better. We all remember the mistake it was for Lilo to throw aside her gorgeous mane and go blonde (don’t forget, blonde Lilo = less movies and more court appearances….coincidence?)

Let’s see which iconic starlets are in the running for best transition to red…Blake Lively, mayhaps?

If you are interested in making the change yourself, Tracey Cunningham, Redken creative consultant for color and the colorist responsible for Emma Stone’s red shade, hassome tips for you. Besides trying on different wigs to see which color works well, she also says “If you’re considering going red, it’s really important to look at women in magazines that have a similar skin tone to see what shade would work best for you.”

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left to right, top to bottom:  Rihanna, Amy Adams, Emma Stone, Christina Hendricks

Miranda Hobbes might just be New York City's most loved redhead, but Cynthia Nixon is not (a redhead, that is). The Sex and the City actress is actually a blonde who changed her color just to play the fiery lawyer.  She hasn't looked back since and we thank her for that!

Another one of TV's treasured redheads, Debra Messing's famous locks are not naturally red.  Lies, I say!

In all of her ridiculously awesome hair moments, I have got to say that this one is not my fav.  It's just not the extreme Katy Perry we love (but yowza, that bod!)

Miss USA 2011 a.k.a Alyssa Campanella first changed her color six years ago for a role in a play. “It’s really brought out the true Alyssa Campanella, I feel,” she said, "and that’s why I really enjoy being a redhead.”

Christina Hendricks describes the time she was blonde and begged her mother as a little girl to let her dye her hair. Guess we know who wins the "coolest mom of the year" award

American Pie and Buffy the Vampire Slayer made her red locks famous, but How I Met Your Mother's Alyson Hannigan is a natural brunette!  Sorry band nerds....

At least ScarJo turned down the Little Mermaid red, this rich ruby establishes Scarlett Johansson as one of Hollywood's most gorgeous (naturally dirty blonde) chameleons.

A natural blonde, Emma Stone has trademarked her red hair with her vibrant tan and reddish undertones in her skin.  Originally dying her hair for her debut in Superbad, Stone decided the color was much more "her" and opted to keep it.

Announcing her hair is naturally a mouse brown, Kate Walsh is anything but mousey!  When asked what happened when she changed her hair color, Walsh proudly says that she behaved differently. "When I was a blonde, guys treated me like a girl...a girly girl. Then as a redhead, I was a little more sassy, maybe a little more boorish — more how I am inside."

Barely remembering her brunette Pon de Replay days,  Rihanna sets the example of women who become even more successful once they go red

Barely remembering her natural hair color at this point, Haley Williams loves to have fun with her hair and we love watching her have fun! 

Blonde Blake stated she had it dyed her hair for her role in the upcoming movie Hick.  Lively said that she thought her character needed red hair. She says, "It helps when you’re playing a role, when I don’t feel like myself. And I don’t really feel like myself with red hair.”

Brunette Florence Welch ups the anty here with a fiery red stance on stunning

Actually a natural blonde, Amy Adams became a redhead prior to her role in Junebug. She says that her red hair really suits her and we agree!  Since the change, she's been nominated for two Academy Awards...

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